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You will need to determine what type of activities you would like to do in Mallorca, Spain before you go. Do you want a relaxing vacation on the beach or do you prefer to be active by hiking or biking? There are also many sandy beaches and coves that you can find off the beaten path. Alcudia is home to many of the most popular resorts.

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Deia is a beach town that’s full of flat-roofed homes and attracts foodies. You can try the jamon and paella made locally. If you are a vegetarian, it might be difficult, but you will love the local cuisine. Port de Soller is another great place to find delicious prawns. Last year, the city even had its own prawn festival.

You can also travel around Mallorca by car. Although the island’s roads are maintained well, buses only run very occasionally. You can take a taxi if you are traveling within the same city. Renting a bike is a great way to explore the island from a different perspective if you aren’t comfortable riding one. You can then take advantage of the many bike rental services in Mallorca. However, make sure you book a taxi well in advance to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Mallorca is well-known for its stunning beaches but it also has some of the richest culture and wealth in the world. The 870,000 inhabitants have the highest per-capita disposable income in Spain. Mallorca is a popular tourist spot, despite its beautiful scenery and rich culture. The Mediterranean climate, friendly people, and excellent facilities make it a great place to visit. You’ll find a wide variety of cuisines here.

The best time to visit Mallorca is during the summer months. The temperatures can be quite high from June to September but they are not too severe. The island is less popular with tourists in October and November so hotel prices are still reasonable. Playa Mondrago, Mallorca’s best beach is easily the most popular. It boasts a sandy beach and clear waters. These months are ideal for outdoor activities.

Ferry travel to Mallorca is an easy way to reach the island. It’s also a more relaxing option to travel than by air. Ferries allow you to take your car with you and explore the hidden places and enjoy the scenic views. Ferry travel, unlike air travel, is eco-friendly and can be a great option to reach the island while you are on vacation. The island is connected with Barcelona, Spain’s capital, and both Mallorca ports offer ferry service from and to the city.

International travel is not as predictable and calm as it should be. According to the Spanish government, international travel to the island is not planned for before July. In July, the European Commission will issue recommendations for a common travel protocol. The recommendations will not be finalized until then. There will be strict hygiene measures in place and a lower capacity at the airports of Mallorca. It is best to remain home until all countries comply with the new regulations.